Instructions for Picking Up or Dropping Off A Vehicle

Thank You for choosing to rent this car we look forward to creating the best car rental experience you have had.

 The buttons below will take you to a video and instructions and the different options and pricing for Pick Up and Drop Off. Our clients most of them choose the Lyft or Uber to an Airport Parking Lot about a three minute ride. 

That is the location 2200 West North Temple, Salt Lake City Utah 84116

Please message us on the app if you would like a different option than taking a Lyft or Uber to the Airport Parking Lot. The other options are picking car up at the airport curb or leaving the car in the short term parking lot, or we can send you a driver to pick you up and check you in. 


The Salt Lake City International Airport has been fining, off airport parking lots if they shuttle any car sharing clients.   They have actually shut down all of the off-airport shuttles if they transport a car sharing platform customer by threatening them with taking away their airport access. When picking up the car, a Lyft or Uber or we can send a driver, or leave car in short term parking lot or we can meet you at the curb with the car. 

Click on the links below to view pricing and a video of the process.