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Coming Into Salt Lake City for a Ski Getaway, a Convention, or maybe a High School Reunion?
Do it in Style with One of Our Luxury Brand Cars.

Audi * BMW *Infinity * Jaguar * Mercedes Benz * Porsche * Tesla & More...

We Offer Luxury Vehicle Rentals

No need to rent the small compact car when you can get a high-end luxury vehicle.

Delivery Service

Flying in to SLC, let us pick you up at the Curb or we can send our shuttle to you.

Buying From Our Fleet of Cars

Take the car you want to purchase for a ride for a couple days before you buy.

Car Income

We will manage your personal vehicle to list with our program. You sit back, relax, and collect rental checks!


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We are a Trusted Name in the Auto Industry
Want to get your next car paid off before you take it home? Let us manage your new car while you make double or maybe even triple payments, paying your car off early!

Manage Your Car

Have a car you would like us to rent for you? We will manage it for you as you sit back and see a new stream of income every month!

Affordable Auto Prices

All of our cars prices are affordable and way cheaper than any other rental company. We guarantee our prices are competitive.

No Contracts

No long term contracts with us. Want to cancel your rental? Feel free. We are so confident you will be satisfied with our service we don't need a long term contract.

Paid Off Car

Pay off your car with the new stream of income you get by renting it out each month. We manage it for you so its easy money!