Delivery & Location

Price $85

Pick Up Delivery and Location

The car will be delivered to the location and the address you have asked for on the App. When you meet us at the desired location we will give you an envelope that will have the instruction of what you need to do once you have received the car.

We will have already taken pictures of the vehicle, odometer and gas gauge, and uploaded them to trip photos, to assist you with the process.

When you receive this message, upload a photo of your driver’s license in trip photos, which can be found on the details page of the App.

When you have  the car, please take a picture of you standing by the license plate. Also, take a picture of your driver’s license in your hand with your face and the car license plate showing in the picture. Also, take pictures of the odometer, and the gas gauge. Upload all of these pictures under the detail page under trip photos in the app. This allows both of us to qualify for insurance. 

You will then be on your way!!!  

(Please follow these detailed instructions as we have found this process to be the most efficient to assist both of us with the Insurance Process.)

Price $85