Garage Parking Lot

Pick Up Airport Garage Parking Lot


When you arrive, you will pick up your car at the Airport Garage Parking lot located just outside the airport terminal . We will have already taken pictures of the vehicle, odometer and gas gauge.   You will be on your way quickly.. 


When your airplane lands, please message us on the  App and share your location. If you haven’t done so please upload a photo of your driver’s license and insurance card prior to your trip. You can upload this information in trip photos. This can be found on the details page of the App.


When you receive your luggage, start walking down the west SkyWalk. Follow the signs that say parking garage and car rental signs. You will pass the rental car counter and walk out to the Parking Garage West Side and look for the Column/letter your car is at. Typically it will be close to G. 


We will upload the parking column letter and the stall number under trip photos in the app. This will  assist you in finding the car easier.. Your car will be unlocked with the keys in the glove box and a parking ticket to exit the airport. On the App, under trip photos, you will see pictures of the car to assist you in locating the car. 


There is an airport short term parking lot exit fee of $10.00 – $35.00 a day. You will be charged this fee or less as you exit the airport. 


Drop Off Airport Curbside Driver