Airport Curbside Leave Car

Pick Up Airport Curbside Leave Car


When you arrive  your car will be dropped off at the designated Turo curb at airport. We will have already taken pictures of the vehicle, odometer.   You will be on your way quickly.!  You will also be welcomed to take any pictures.


When your airplane lands, please message us on the App and share your location. Sharing location will assist us with pulling your car up quickly and timely.


When you have arrived at baggage claim, please text us on the App.  After you receive your luggage, message us again and start walking down the sky walk. Follow the signs that say rental car counter. As you walk past the rental car counters go down the down the escalator to the rental floor. Turn right at bottom of esclator and walk straight west and you will see the Turo designated curb. This is where your host will be to give you the keys and inspect the car with you.


(Please follow these detailed instructions as we have found this process to be the most efficient.)