Airport Lyft & Uber

Pick Up Airport & Take Lyft or Uber

Park n’ Jet– Mountain Lot

2200 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Thank You for picking up  your car at an airport parking lot.  You will be taking a lyft or uber to a nearby airport parking lot where the booth attendants that are open 24 hours a day. They will have your keys, with your car cleaned and ready for your arrival. 

If you haven’t already done so please upload a copy of your insurance card and driver’s license in trip photos under the details page on the App.

When you arrive at the baggage claim, call Lyft or Uber or they are typically lined up.  The airport has given them their own pick up lane. Once you have collected your luggage, head to the Uber & Lyft pick up area and tell your driver you are going to the Park n’ Jet Mountain Lot. The off airport parking lot is approximately 3 minutes away.

Tell the lyft driver not to enter the parking gates as your car will be pulled out in front along the fence. Once you arrive, walk up to the entrance office with your drivers license and they will give you an envelope with your name and keys in it.  Let them know you are with Golden Luxury Auto. 

When you arrive at the car, please take a selfie of you, with your  driver’s license in your hand and the car license plate showing in the background.  Also take pictures of the car, the odometer and the gas gauge. Upload all of these pictures under trip photos in the  app. This allows both of us to qualify for insurance.  

you will then be on your way!!!

Using Lyft or Uber is at your expense and is the cheapest option directly from the airport. There are other pick up and drop off options; however, they are at an additional expense. Unfortunately, the airport will fine up to $1,000 if we pick up and drop off directly at the airport.

(Please follow these detailed instructions as we have found this process to be the most efficient.